More and more Muslims and Jews are getting to know Jesus Christ in a personal way in the Middle East and around the world! How about you? Do you know Jesus Personally?
Do you want to know how?


A Radical Wahhabi Muslim Becomes a Follower of Christ

In this edition of Stakelbeck on Terror, a former Wahhabi Muslim talks about Islam and how he came to know Jesus Christ. He was no ordinary Muslim though, he knew and was sympathetic with the cause of Bin Laden.


Original Sin - A Muslim Questions a Christian

In this second question posed by a Muslim to Ravi Zacharias, the former asks about the validity of the concept of original sin. The question is very interesting and the answer is indeed very compelling.


The Law - The Difference Between Islam and Christianity

This is an interesting and important friendly discussion between the Christian speaker, Ravi Zacharias and a Muslim. They were discussing about the "Law" based on the perspective of a Muslim and a Christian.


The Good News with the Middle East Unrest

Believers working to bring the Gospel in the Middle East are indeed concern of the violent events and political uncertainty in the region but are hopeful as well as the people are becoming more receptive of the message of Jesus Christ's message of salvation for the whole world.


A Radical Muslim Experiences the Love of Jesus Christ

A radical Muslim was planning to wage cultural jihad in the bible belt in the United States but instead he finds out about the love of Christians and most important of all Jesus Christ! Check out his amazing story.


Ex-Muslim Turns to Jesus

A former Muslim woman yearned for God in her former religion and found it in a different way through Jesus Christ


Prayer List for Israel and Her Neighbors

1. More people in Israel, within her neighbors and around the world will come to know of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

2. Safety of Israel and its neighbors amidst the tension in Lebanon

3. Israel's protection from the growing clamor in the UN of cerain countries immediate declaration of a Palestinian state without specific negotiations.

4. Protection of Israelites and Arabs from the violence in Gaza.

5. Resolution of the Strike at the Israeli Foreign Ministry which is hampering diplomatic work.

6. Prayer for comfort for President Peres for the death of his wife.

7. Prayer for protection for Israel and her neighbors from the growing nuclear threat from Iran.


Persecution of Christians and the Media Snub

Big media has often neglected the increasing quantity and intensity of Christian persecution all around the world. Universities even chose to paint a distorted view of Christianity and paint Christians as villains.


God is Moving in a Powerful Way in China - Part 2

Christianity in China is now not only found in the mountains but also in cities as well!

In another installment of Christian revival in China, we can see this video how affluence can struck a void in people's lives. In China's new found economic resurgence, emptiness and dissatisfaction with material things follow. This search for something better leads rich and young Chinese people to Jesus Christ!


Christians Continue to be Favorite Persecution Targets in 2011

Christians in Muslim nations are convenient targets

Afghan Christian Faces Potential Death Sentence for Apostasy « Persecution News

Mullah Accuses Kurdish Women Activists of Blasphemy

Geagea Urges Firm Arab Stance on Defending Christians against Terror - Naharnet Newsdesk

Weird - Egyptian Lawyers Accuse Israel of Attack on Christians

persecutionnews Elderly Christian couple murdered in Baghdad home after militants leave bomb at doorstep and rang the doorbell

India’s Christians Suffer Spike in Assaults in Past Decade